Take advantage of our FLYXMAS 15% OFF SALE!!!

Book your private, virtual session or group class today!!! Rescheduling must be done 24hrs in advance, if not the session will be lost and there will be a $10 fee to redeem lost or missed sessions.

** purchase 12 or more 30/60 minute sessions and get 20% off your entire purchase. Civil servants qualify for 30% off, must have proof.**
•Virtual Training session
$25(30 mins)
$35 (60 mins)

• Private session
$60 (30 mins)
$100 (60 mins)

•Group class-in person (virtual class $5, for more details on virtual classes scroll to the bottom and message me directly.)
$15 per person (30 mins)
$30 per person (60 mins)


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